Teachers of Chinese!

Very often teachers don’t have time to attend conferences to keep up to date with the latest methods of teaching Chinese language and culture.

Webinars for Teachers of Chinese bring online workshops to you. In the comfort of your home, you can attend live Webinars with other teachers of Chinese.


All Summer Online Webinars are $15 per teacher.

As well as participating in the online Webinar, you will receive the Ppt, worksheets and materials related to the Webinar. Two weeks of email support is also included in the Webinar cost.


Spaces are limited to 10 teachers per session.

If you can’t attend one of the scheduled Webinars and would like to request a Webinar for yourself or a group of teachers, please email me for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

 SUMMER WEBINARS for Teachers of Chinese

Date: Sunday, July 8th

Time: 12pm (NYC) – How to build a Positive Learning Environment

Start off the next school year with clear expectations for students and ensure all students learn Chinese to a high standard. Ask questions about how best to manage all types of student behaviors!

Date: Sunday, July 15th

Time: 12pm (NYC) Tips to Develop Themes for your Chinese classroom

Themes tie together a number of topics and challenge students with real-life activities. Learn how to develop your own themes for each month of the next school year.

Date: Saturday, July 22nd

Time: 12pm (NYC) Effective Strategies for Immersion Teaching

Immersion teachers need specific strategies to help students understand the Chinese language. We will explore how to use the best strategies to make Chinese comprehensible.

Date: Sunday, August 4th

Time: 12pm (NYC) Using iPads in the Chinese Language Classroom

Do you have access to iPads or tablets? Learn how you can use mobile devices in small groups and to personalize learning.

Date: Sunday, August 11th

Time: 12pm (NYC) How to teach Chinese characters in a fun and effective way! 

Learning Chinese characters can be a stumbling block for learners. Discover how characters can be learned easily with imagination and creativity. Receive a downloadable 100 page illustrated book of basic Chinese characters to use with your students.

Date: Saturday, August 17th

Time: 12pm (NYC) How to Plan Work Stations in the Chinese Classroom. 

More and more Chinese teachers are using Work Stations (Learning Centers) to differentiate learning. Explore how to design activities for Chinese Work Stations.

Workshop Times Conversion:

New York – 12pm

San Francisco – 9am

Adelaide, SA – +1day 1:30am

London – 5pm

 Please note:

All online Webinars use GoToMeeting.com and you will receive information about how to join the online webinar, once you have registered.