Image3GenShaz, the Founder and Lead Content Developer of Creative Chinese, has over 20 years of teaching Chinese experience in Preschool – 12th grade.

All the resources included on the website have been used with her students over the years, and are focused on engaging and motivating students of all ages to learn Chinese effectively. Innovation and Creativity are embedded in all resources offered to teachers of Chinese.

Creative Chinese covers a wide range of resources including:

  • Powerpoint presentations – Lesson Plans, Vocabulary
  • Worksheets – Student Handouts, Projects, Lesson Plans, Activities, Student Contracts
  • Assessment activities – Rubrics, I Can…Statements, Quizzes, Summative Tasks
  • Role-plays – Audio files, Worksheets Teacher Guides
  • Videos – Songs, Professional development resources
  • Reading – Printable mini-books, Character sheets, Texts, Vocab. Lists, Word Mats
  • Writing – Character-writing sheets, Creative Writing Ideas, Sentence starters
  • Listening – Videos, Picture Talks, Tones Games, Pinyin Activities, Games
  • Curriculum Maps – Weekly, Daily and Monthly outlines, Back to School ideas, Lesson Planning
  • Technology resources – App ideas, Flipped Classroom Guides, iPad resources, Bite-size Chinese
  • Arts and Crafts – Cultural crafts, Classroom Displays, templates
  • Cultural Activities – Festivals, Holidays, China, Traditions, Maps, Monkey King, Sports/Leisure, Food
  • Classroom Management – Tips for teachers, Collaboration, Posters, Flashcards, Work Stations
  • Themes – Colors, Sports, Time, Family, Food, Transport, Weather, Monsters, Dinosaurs, and more!

Creative Chinese also has a store where you can purchase Chinese Textbooks and other materials.

Creative Chinese is a subscription website that offers 12 months, 3 months and 1 month options. All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you cancel your subscription with us or Paypal.


Shaz has published teaching resources which include:

  • 10 modules of Student books – Chinese Monster Magic
  • 10 modules of Teacher Guides – Chinese Monster Magic
  • ‘I Love China’ cultural activities for students
  • ‘Teach Chinese? Yes you can!
  • ‘Fun with Chinese’ characters

All are available in the Store.

Professional Development Provider

Shaz receives requests for professional development workshops from around the world.

The most recent training for teachers of Chinese have been offered in:

  • Shanghai, China (Dulwich International Schools)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (Edinburgh Confucius Institute)
  • Cardiff, Wales (University of Cardiff)
  • London (Goldsmith College)
  • St. George’s School (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • London (University of London)
  • London (UK Federation of Chinese Schools)
  • San Francisco (San Mateo High School District)
  • San Francisco (Presidio Knolls Mandarin School)
  • San Francisco (Chinese-American School)
  • Australia (St. Michael’s College)
  • New York ( Houston Street University Settlement)
  • Hudson Way Immersion School (New York)
  • Mandarin Seeds School (New York)

Throughout the year, Shaz holds PD training sessions on different topics ranging from ‘Inquiry-based Learning in the Chinese classroom’ to ‘Let the students write from Day One’.

Download our 2022 Workshops and Training Sessions here.

All teacher training is are hands-on and full of practical ideas on how to teach Chinese in a creative and effective way.

Contact us below to schedule a workshop or training sessions for teachers of Chinese at your school or conference.