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Hand shapes on sticks for greetings.

Fish with magnets for the Fishing Game

Small balls (up, down, counting)

Ping pong balls ( Matching numbers)


Props and materials can be stored in a shoe holder.


With a marker, write Chinese characters on the ping pong balls. Throw them all up in the air, and students have to tell the teacher what the character is.


Young students love having something to hold during classes.  Buy hand templates and write  你好 and 再见on each one. Students use the hands for greetings at the start of the lesson and end of lesson.


Add Chinese characters onto a plastic dragon. Students can walk around with the dragon. Play music. When the music stops, students will say the meaning of each character.


Stuffed toys are essential for an Immersion classroom. Teachers can use toys to model the behavior they want to see: sit with legs crossed, raise hand etc.,



The Color Posters with balloons attached. If students can say the colored balloon they want, they receive a balloon at the end of a weekly session.