How to set up a Classroom Economy in your Chinese Classroom

How to set up a Classroom Economy in your Chinese Classroom

  1. Create your own Class money or print the 熊猫钱.
  2. Buy or create your own rewards: ‘No Homework’ Cards, pencils, red envelopes, chopsticks, stamps, stickers, Chinese newspapers, fans, small books, printable mini-books, Note home to parents, White Rabbit candy, stamps, maps, photos etc.,
  3. Decide what you will give 熊猫钱 for:


  1. Great focus in class.
  2. No warnings.
  3. Quiet work.


  1. Outstanding speaking skills
  2. Extra effort
  3. Consistent effort all week
  4. Improvement in writing skills


  1. Helps others
  2. Considerate toward others
  3. Excellent manners
  4. Persistence

Introduce the Classroom Economy to students.

  1. Make a wallet out of an envelope or colored paper.
  2. Name the wallet with student’s name.
  3. Explain to students it is their responsibility to care for the wallet.
  4. Every Friday, students will count their 熊猫钱 and record it on the front of the wallet.
  5. Explain to students how they will earn class money. Any student who asks for class money, will not receive any for one week.
  6. On the last day of the month, 2 store-keepers (students) will set up the class store with items for sale.
  7. Students may choose to save their 熊猫钱 or buy something from the store.
  8. When students buy something, they must count their class money using Chinese.